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  • Sale (11th June 2019 - 16th June 2019)

Beware Of Fakes

How to verify genuine PINENG products
1) Check the verification label at the back side of the packaging.
2) Scratch the verification label grey color side.
3) Get 16 numbers code.
4) Check the verification code at the 'Product Verification' page
5) See the result.

Spot the fake PINENG products
Check the verification label:
1) Verification label domain, or is fake, genuine domain is
2) Fake if packaging dont have verification label.
3) Fake if without any verification code after scratched the verification label.
4) Fake if the verification code incomplete or less than 16 digits number.
5) Genuine verification code first number is start from '2'.  Verification code start from '9' totally is fake.

Check the verification result:
1) Genuine PINENG products each 16 digits verification code is unique, each code only can check once. When check second time, it would show first time checking date/time.
2) Fake if the result shows that the code does not exist. 
3) Fake if the result shows that the code has been checked many times.
4) Fake if the result shows that the code has been freeze. 

Check the verification code:
Fake products may use either one of the following code:
1. 1771775015782278
2. 1771694567154309
3. 1771994605779791
​4. 1771994605764362
5. 1771994605764490
6. 1771133400762143
7. 1771083080328282
8. 2123818536109268
9. 2123526187731626
10. 2123835239825166
11. 2123257238888030
12. 2123189563045248
​13. 2123478721424532
​14. 2123788766499738
15. 2123994227556459
16. 2123977383492679

Fake QR Code verification result

Spot the fake verification result page
1) Scan the verification label QR code, original QR code will direct you to Fake QR code will direct you to fake domain which is
2) Original verification result page 'Profile', 'Products', 'WeChat' all is able to click. Fake is unable to click. 
3) Original verification code first number is start from '2'.  Verification code start from '9' totally is fake.

You May Also Check
- Black color packaging is international packaging. Packaging and user manual are in English.
- White or brown color packaging are China packaging, mostly selling in China only. Packaging and user manual are in Chinese. 80% of this packaging in the market is fake.

Power Bank Body Cover Material
- Genuine PINENG power bank body cover are made with high quality PC+ABS material. 
- Fake PINENG power bank cover made with poor plastic. The cover is rough, bad hand feeling and power bank may hot while charging.

Warranty Period
- Genuine PINENG power bank provide 1 year warranty. Beware of the PINENG power bank seller which unable to provide 1 year warranty.

Questionable Price
- Always check the updated price at If the selling prices are too cheap, you have reason to be suspicious.

Authorized Letter
- There's only few authorized distributor / seller in Malaysia. Beware of the seller that without PINENG authorized letter, or provide fake authorized letter, unclear authorized letter, modified authorized letter, expired authorized letter.

Why You Should Care
Consistent Quality And Reliable Performance
Original PINENG power bank build with intelligent IC protection.
1) Overcharge Protection - Automatically cut off when device fully charge.
2) Overvoltage Protection - Automatically detects different device voltage.
3) Overdischarge Protection - Automatically control battery discharge.
4) Circuit Protection - Prevent short circuit when power bank charging.
5) Battery Lock Protection- Lock power bank battery, avoid battery loss when power bank not in use.
6) Temperature Protection - Avoid power bank hot when charging.

Fake, Unsafe, Poor, Counterfeits Product
Fake PINENG power bank used poor material, unsafe battery and built without any IC protection.
1) Fake power bank don't have overcharge, overdischarge and overvoltage protection. It may harm your device.
2) Fake power bank used poor battery, fake capacity, provides less charging time.
3) Fake power bank no battery lock protection, power bank will loss all battery in few days or few weeks.
4) Mostly selling fake PINENG power bank seller are one-time seller. You will unable to reach them for warranty claim if the power bank faulty.
5) FAKE PINENG power bank may explode. See the picture below.